Monday, April 5, 2010

Man is the best event was created by God and entrusted to the inheritors of the earth. Human existence is not a coincidence, but the resolution of the gods. Endowed with human perfection, grandeur and magic are not available by other creatures. Miracle of human creation to make us aware of the general power of God.

The book that I read about the wonders of human creation is very interesting piece Harun Yahya as well as to realize who my true self. Of the two cells, sperm and ovum through various complex process until the birth of a human nature enough. So, who we are to deny the creation of human events that are embodied in al-Quran? .

Lately, the country was shocked by some of the most surprising news of all parties that the issue of removal of the baby. Baby dumping is a crime even occurred as a result of unwanted pregnancies. Many pregnant teens are forced to throw the baby out of wedlock because of their desperation, shame and fear of the consequences that will be incurred. This symptom is deviant because it is an inhuman act and not acceptable in our society. Some babies who were found still alive and some dead and almost all were found to be in very sad circumstances. Like no awareness of self, the innocent babies continue to be victims of circumstances. How short thoughts to throw the child was conceived nine months and ten days without mercy.

In the context of a child, we should be thankful born on this earth and get love from our parents. Our first food that we make our mother's milk should be aware that the great sacrifices our mothers our breastfeeding until we were two years old. Our father will seek to protect us from rain and heat and support family life. How great sacrifice and all your hard work our parents until we become like the present.

From the context as a servant , we should realize how unique we are. The combination of egg and sperm through the various complex processes until the birth of a human nature enough. In return, we should obey all the commands and leave all prohibited. At age like me, who had to go through a lot of temptations. Feelings like love and feel lonely present and if not addressed properly will consume itself as the case of an illegitimate child and infant dumping cases. So as a servant, we need to tackle the strong temptation to come to us. We should be aware that we live in this world is only temporary.

Conclusion here, this book tells about the miracle of the creation of human impact and provide useful lessons for us when we forget who we are.

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